Hotspots you need to visit in Maastricht

Are you new in Maastricht? We will give you the best hotspots to start exploring the city of Maastricht and enjoy all of its pleasure.

Fun things to do

A film house located at the Bassin. You can enjoy a meal in the beautiful restaurant and terrace, but also watch various, more “special” films.

Rent a boat
Enjoy a day of sailing on the waters around Maastricht with your friends, with the sun on your face and a drink in your hand. The perfect day out! An accessible and reliable website for this is:

Visit to Sint Pieter’s berg
In the south of the city is the Sint Pieter district, you can spend a nice afternoon walk in the beautiful nature reserve, named Sint Pietersberg. The ENCI quarry is also located here, which is a very special image and a must-see.

Escape rooms
There are several escape rooms in the city, which also makes a perfect evening/afternoon activity with friends!

Join a student association
One of the best ways to make new friends in the city is to join a student association and this is highly recommended! They organise fun activities and you really become part of the city. There are a lot of them in Maastricht. Visit the university website or ask your fellow students for more information.

Every year, in February/March, there is a 3-day carnival in the south of The Netherlands. Maastricht is one of the best places to celebrate this. During these days, but also the days around it, the city is full of parties, from early in the morning till late in the evening. Everyone is dressed up, everywhere special carnival music is played at the highest volume, there are parades and special parties, there are no rules and everything is allowed! An unique experience in Maastricht.

Study spots

Centre ceramique
The largest library in Maastricht, accessible to everyone and many students can be found here. There is also a Coffeelovers for the necessary caffeine 😉

Coffeelovers Dominicanen
In the Dominicanen church in the centre of Maastricht you can find a big bookstore, there is also a Coffeelovers, which makes it a nice inspiring place for students to study.

Various cafés
In Maastricht, it is very accessible to spend an afternoon in a café doing your schoolwork. Do it! From experience, you will be completely absorbed in the crowd and better able to keep your concentration. Examples of cafés where this is great to do: Bagels & Beans (Wykerburgstraat) and KOFFIE bij Joost en Maartje.

Food & Drinks

Here you can enjoy delicious oriental, but also western fusion dishes for a very good price. Dadawan is also very accessible for groups because it is a large restaurant.

NOON is the place to be for drinks with friends. They have very good drinks and the main focus is on shared bites. The location is also great, you’re at the river Maas and in the summer it’s really nice with beanbags on the Maas Boulevard!

De Gouverneur
Do you like beer? Your first stop in Maastricht will be De Gouverneur! This Belgian special beer bar has more than 300 types of beer waiting for you. Besides that, you can also enjoy burgundian dishes while enjoying your beer.

BOLD Rooftopbar
For a drink with the most beautiful view of Maastricht, Bold Rooftopbar is the place to be. They have all the cocktails you can think of. You can find them on the 8th floor of the Student Hotel.

Mr. Smith
Another place where you can enjoy cocktails is Mr. Smith. This bar has a very warm atmosphere and you can definitely go there for valuable conversations with friends over a delicious drink.

At the Vrijthof you can find a lot of cafés and restaurants and for the warmer days with an extensive terrace. Some of our favourite places at the Vrijthof are: Café In Den Ouden Vogelstruys, Basilica (also for going out), Il Bacaro (Italian) and Luster (Mediterranean, cocktails).

Le Fernand
If you are looking for French cuisine, you should go to Le Fernand, they have great wines and special dishes.

Café Sjiek
CafĂ© sjiek is one of the most popular eateries in Maastricht. There’s a very cosy atmosphere and they are known for their steak and regional dishes.

Going out

The one and only club in the centre of Maastricht, every week several parties are organised, these are mainly techno.

The Muziekgieterij is the place to be for the best concerts and dance events. They organise a lot of events on a regular basis, so if you’re into this, it’s definitely a name to keep in mind!

The Platielstraat is the liveliest street in Maastricht in the late hours, there are several cafes located. All cafés are well filled, drinks are served constantly and the music is loud. One big party in this street! A few names to remember when going out in the platielstraat are: CLINIQ, Café Van Bommel and De Twee Heeren.

If you want to keep going after Platielstraat has closed or if you just want to go into town a bit later because you are having a drink with friends at home first, you can always go to the market, until the early morning! At the FM and Fessa you are sure to have a great night