How to prepare for your first workday

First workday at Alert Hospitality? We got you! In this blog article we give you some handy tips on how to prepare for your first workday, especially when working in the hospitality industry.

Open mind-set

Go into your first working day with an open mind and attitude! Be interested in your colleagues and pay attention to what they explain to you. Get a good night’s sleep so you’ll be extra sharp! Keep your head cool, don’t overthink things. A first day is exciting for everyone and will never go exactly as you imagined.

Know where you work

It is good to research in advance where exactly you will be working. For example, is it a well-known hotel in the centre of Maastricht, or a small hotel on the outskirts of Maastricht? What kind of cuisine is served in the restaurant where you will be working and what are they known for? It is always good to quickly check the website of the relation on beforehand, so that you arrive prepared, you know who you need to talk to and you can plan your route in advance, so you will be on time.

Dress code

Every restaurant has its own dress code. It is important that you adapt to this before you leave, to avoid surprises later. You can always contact Alert Hospitality or your contact person at the relation before your shift to ask what to wear.

Be pro-active

In the hospitality industry, you should never walk away empty-handed. Show that you take the initiative. Anything you can prepare or clear up is a bonus. When people have empty glasses, ask if you can pour the anything, clear away empty plates as quickly as possible, don’t walk twice unnecessarily, and so on!

Hospitality training

No experience in the hospitality industry? Or do you want to brush up your knowledge a little before you start? We regularly provide hospitality training courses. Contact our colleagues for more information: or send a WhatsApp message: +316 18655687.

hospitality vacancies

At Alert we have all kinds of hospitality vacancies. Have a look and start a new challenge tomorrow!

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