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Are you looking for a well-paid part-time job that you can combine with your studies? Do you want to meet new people to make your student days unforgettable? We can make it happen with flexible student jobs in various industries, including catering, cleaning, logistics, production and elderly care.

a part-time job earns you more than just money

As a smart, ambitious person, you obviously won’t just choose the first student job that comes your way. No, you are looking for an environment in which you can develop yourself. Besides the extra income, it’s smart to gain experience and get to know new people as well. In other words, a well-chosen part-time job doesn’t only earn you money.

Our job offer is very broad. Think, for example, of working at events at MECC (the Maastricht Exhibition & Conference Centre), Tefaf (the European Fine Art Fair) or Magical Maastricht. And that’s not all, because we also offer student jobs in elderly care as a care provider, in the catering industry and even in logistics and production.

and what do you think of the many other benefits?

  1. Work wherever and whenever you want! Weekdays, evenings or weekends, everything is possible!
  2. You earn at least €12.45 per hour
  3. Your earnings are paid weekly or monthly, depending on which you prefer
  4. You can join our cosy Alert get-togethers
  5. Experience is not always required, because we’ll give you the necessary training!
  6. Meet other students from home and abroad

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Alert HR Reviews

what our candidates say

"Last year at the Maastricht University INKOM I received a goodie bag with a flyer of Alert Students in it. It was the first year of my studies so I wasn't looking for a job and didn't register. A year later I was looking for a student job, remembered the flyer and applied for a student job. A few days later I received a message that they found a job for me. I feel really welcome there."

Gabriella, cliënt Alert Students

"My internships came to a standstill during the corona pandemic. I wanted to help in healthcare and Alert helped me with temporary work in a PG-department in a nursing home. Here I was able to make a significant contribution during the night shifts. me very well."

Casper, cliënt Alert Students

questions and answers

With us you are not obliged to work a certain number of hours per week. You can indicate per week or month how many hours you would like to work and which days and times suit you best. In this way, a part-time job at Alert can easily be combined with your studies.

To be eligible for our flexible jobs, you need a European passport. If you do not have a European passport, you need an employment statement stating that you are allowed to work in the Netherlands.

It is not necessary for all our jobs to speak Dutch. In most cases, English is a good alternative. However, for some jobs and some of our business partners, the Dutch language is required.

You can choose whether you want to have your salary paid weekly or four weekly, whichever you prefer. Regardless of whether you opt for weekly or four-weekly, your salary will be paid on Wednesday.

This differs per job and per sector. We offer plenty of jobs where you don’t need work experience or where we offer you training to ensure that you have the right skills. In addition, we also offer jobs where you must have experience or a certain background.